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Our Story

Why do we raise Cobberdogs?  The simple truth is...Cobberdogs have brought so much joy and healing into our lives, that it feels like a calling to share them with the world. 

We have experienced first hand the magic Cobberdogs can bring into your every day life. Our circle of Cobberdog friends often refer to them as unicorns, because they are so magical and unique to anything we have experienced. 

With every cute tilt of their head, each deep stare into our eyes, and their general playful goofiness we fall deeper and deeper in love. They say laughter is the best medicine, and do they make us laugh!

Cobberdogs are incredible gentle and intuitive. We were amazed, even as puppies, how gently they interacted with both humans, and other pets. They truly have the sweetest, most tender personalities, and care deeply for their humans.


It's more than just personality though, that drew us to the Cobberdog breed. Their health and fitness is another reason we love this breed.  It is our mission to bring puppies to families that enhance and enrich their humans life, all the while living long, healthy, happy lives beside them.

Many of you have likely experienced to some degree, the heartbreak, and often financial hardship that comes when genetic disorders affect your loved pets. Which is why, all of our breeding dogs are DNA checked for hereditary and genetic disorders, and extensively checked for health and temperament and conformation.

We will never compromise when it comes to the health and welfare of our dogs and their puppies.

The Cobberdog is a beautiful dog with allergy friendly, lush, silky, and soft to the touch fleece. This was important to us because we all have allergies, and skin sensitivity. With our Cobberdogs we can hug and cuddle them, without our skin feeling itchy or painful. This was especially important as one of the members of our home suffers a debilitating ultra-rare autoimmune condition called Phemphigus Vulgaris Disease which causes great skin sensitivity and pain, which made that luxurious fleece coat that much more important to us. We know first hand how our dogs

gentle nature and intuitiveness can provide great comfort when the body is in pain. 


Cobberdogs get along great with people of all ages. For those with more sedentary life styles, your Cobberdog is well adjusted to live the quiet slower paced life at home with you. For those of you who live a more active lifestyle; be that a car ride,

a hike, or a day at the beach, your Cobberdog is athletic and will be thrilled to join you on your adventures!


Thank you for getting to know us!

If you are interested in becoming a parent to our of our puppies, please contact us using the link below.

We'd love to get the opportunity to get to know you too! 






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