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Great Mates Maddie Mud Pie

Maddie Mud Pie is a F5 female. She came to us from the exceptional
Great Mates lines in Australia. She was chosen for her superb temperament, conformation & health. 
She has been DNA tested against all hereditary and genetic diseases known to her breed to ensure her puppies
live long healthy lives.

She enjoys daily walks to the nearby park, where she enthusiastically meets new people each day. She loves playing in her doggie pool in the yard, playing fetch, learning new tricks, and entertaining us with her goofy personality! She loves to make us laugh!

She was quick to learn and understand the daily activities and schedules of the humans in her home, and moves about the house spending time with all her humans based on those schedules. She loves to lay and cuddle with us, but is also very content laying at or near our feet as we do our daily activities that don't directly involve her.




 Maddie is incredible intelligent! She learned 25 commands during her initial training which was meant to teach her the basic 8 commands.She always looks to us, making deep eye contact, always sorting out what we are thinking and what we need from her. She has been an amazing addition to our family, with the ability to mimic our energy levels, providing us with gentle comfort during times that we aren't feeling our best, and never getting underfoot when we are busily rushing around the home getting things done. 

Her incredible intuitiveness makes her an exceptional emotional support dog, and that intuitiveness applies not only to the humans in her home, but to the other fur covered members of our family. She shares her toys with our rescue dog Jazzi, even when Jazzi wants all of the toys (which she always does). Maddie is always patient with her! She loves playing a game of tag with Bela Lugosi our young & spirited Maine Coon Kitty, and each takes a turn chasing the other. She doesn't forget about our elderly 22 year old kitty Juliet who spends most of her day lying in the window. Maddie checks on her throughout the day, giving her a gentle hello, making sure she

doesn't feel left out. 

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